Data Cabling

Network, Telephone & Data Cabling in Brisbane Area

At Quadrant Electrical Services, we are regularly called upon to set up data cabling in Brisbane to enable telephone, networking and internet connections for both domestic and commercial premises. Whether you require a single telephone connection point for another part of your home or need capability to operate a Wide Area Network (WAN) data system for a large organisation, our fully licensed cabling technicians can attend to any size job.

We also set up data cabling for Local Area Networks (LAN), which enables plugging in of all computers within a single building into a series of ports, which connect to a single server. The advantages of this wired network over wireless connections is greater security from external interception, greater internet and file sharing speed, and more stable connections. Data cabling for Wide Area Network (WAN) system setup enables the same as LAN, but can be implemented across a number of buildings such as at university campuses.

We are fully licensed ACRS (Australian Cabler Registration Service) Master Cabler certified with 30 years’ experience in this field, so are qualified in every aspect of this work. If you are planning on getting data cabling work done, we highly recommend that your installer has this vital qualification to ensure the work is done correctly.

We design, install and maintain structured copper and fibre optic cabling solutions including Krone, Molex, and Panduit. All work comes with a 10-year parts and labour warranty.
We not only set up the data cabling, but also are available to fix, service and maintain the cabling network over time to ensure you have a dependable set up for your home or office.

For high quality data cabling repairs, installation or maintenance by qualified professionals, please contact us at Quadrant Electrical Services on 0421 639 027. We take the time to discuss your needs, give you options to choose from and are happy to answer any questions you may have.